Let me introduce myself

I enjoy making music from my home studio just outside of Phoenix, Arizona. For over 18 years I've been producing music for singers and songwriters from all over the country. Pop, Country, Rock, Gospel, Inspirational, Reggae..any style you want we can produce it!

I perform on over 10 musical instruments
including the mandolin, violin, rythmn guitar, lead guitar, pedal steel guitar, harmonica, keyboard, drums, percussion, saxophone, banjo, accordian and piano.
Programming many other instruments such as flutes, strings, cello, synthesizers, and more on the computer saves clients hundreds of dollars that would be spent on other musicians.

I employ the latest technology in digital recording, the Steinberg Cubase system with up to 128 audio tracks available.

Why spend hours fixing flat or sharp vocals? I save my clients time using the Anteres autotune system which keeps you on perfect pitch while singing vocals. I can add harmony parts to your main vocal with the Vocalist by Digitech which takes your melody vocal and reproduces it in up to 4 part harmonies.

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Up until a few years ago it could cost 1000s of dollars to ready a song for airplay at a mastering house. I now offer mastering, making your song sound like the songs you hear on the radio from Nashville and LA.

Complete Music Production..
. .

For years I have worked on recording sessions in large studios where many musicians, arrangers and engineers have been involved, costing thousands of dollars in session time to produce sometimes only one song! If you are Celine Dion that's fine and dandy...but if you are working with a budget,
I think it's fair for you to know just how much money and time will be involved in getting a song or project of 10 to 12 songs finished.

I have designed recording packages to meet you right where you are at in your musical career. I
have a ONE PASS SPECIAL running this spring which features
Bass, Drums, Piano, Guitar and
2 other instruments of your choice
Complete mixed for $150.00.
One Pass means I produce the
track and mix it and that's it....
no fixes or remixing..you take what
I finalize. Of course you will tell me
the style and send me lyrics/chords and we will arrange the track close to what you desire..intro, lead part & ending.
If you desire a remix on this package..you will be charged $60.00 an hour for remixing or adding additional instruments etc.

This track is equivelant to a 300.00 track if you walked into my studio and had it done.



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